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Competitive MakeUp


Competitive Season is fast approaching!  Our Makeup Kits are now available and in the spirit of wanting everyone to match we’ve posted pictures and guidelines to follow.

Our colour pallet consists of a blush and highlighter (left top and bottom), Lipstick (bottom middle), and 3 eyeshadow colours: base (top right), highlighter (top middle), and crease colour (bottom right).  The compact costs $30



The entire kit consits of the colour compact, Relever Red lipstick, black liquid liner, eyelashes, and eyelash glue.  $60


Our eyelashes are rhinestone studded.  Each pair is $10.  Glue is $5.  Purchase both for $13.50 Lashes


Relever Red Lipstick is available for $10.


Here is Jamie with her makeup look all done!  Start with a base (primer is recommended for sensitive skin).  Blush can be applied over the apple of the cheek, the highlighter on the cheekbone.  For the eyes use the base shadow over the entire eye, the crease colour winged out slightly, the highlighter on the inside corner and under the brow.  Apply black liner to top lash line.  Glue eyelashes (they may need to be trimmed slightly for smaller eyes).  Lipstick on and we’re good to go!